Snodgrass Freeman Associates, Architects
7195 Wagner Way, Suite 201
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
"Using tradition for inspiration and modern technology as a tool, sfa has created a family of architecture that is aesthetically refined, well balanced, and strives to exceed the goals of our clients."
"We rely on the knowledge and uderstanding of our clients to form a close design partnership; we don't just take their ideas and go off by ourselves. By combining our talent with their knowledge, we all share in the success of the project."
"Architecture should reflect the personalities, aspirations and ideas of the clients we serve. The strength of sfa is our ability to interpret these ideas, then present innovative and cost effective solutions to mirror those values."
"We define excellence as the acheivement of our client's goals through innovative and economical solutions. We consider every decision, action and result to insure they are consistent with this mission."
"Our primary goal is excellence, .... in design, in performance and in our relationship to our clients."