"Our extensive understanding of the vehicle maintenance process has resulted in efficient and innovative facilities for our clients statewide."
Growing environmental regulations and ever present budget limitations have dictated a move away from outdated and inefficient maintenance facilities, towards the revitalization of existing or the construction of new. Regulatory pressure from the Department of Ecology, Environmental Protection Agency, and local jurisdictions all have forced facility managers to reassess their position with regard to environmental vulnerability, while financial strains continue to impact day to day operations. Limiting liability while achieving high efficiency calls for the experience, skills, and knowledge of sfa architects.

Significant as well, is the responsibility of those entrusted with the process of planning and designing these structures. It is a multifaceted challenge to design a facility that is safe, efficient, and cost effective, yet respects the environment. We understand this challenge, and the complicated and distinct functions of maintenance, operations, dispatch, parts inventory/storage, driver training, fueling, vehicle washing, on-site circulation and parking. We know the right questions to ask concerning maintenance procedures, and as a result, are able to define the best solutions for your project.

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Maintenance centers require precise planning for fuel islands, tank farms, wash bays, parking, recovery systems, and oil/water separators, as well as specialized systems and equipment to perform everyday maintenance functions.
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