sfa is a full-service design firm devoted to high quality architectural services. We believe that doing one thing well offers a better service to our clients than trying to be all things. We are not civil engineers, ...we are not structural engineers, ... we are not mechanical or electrical engineers, ... we concentrate on what we do best.
The proof of any task is the completion on time, within budget, at the highest quality level. With an unmatched willingness to lead, sfa is committed to these goals. We have an energetic, enthusiastic management approach that identifies the tasks and challenges of each project, and finds solutions that work. Proof is success.
Our offices are located in Gig Harbor, Washington where we have practiced for over 24 years. We are active in this community and many areas across the State of Washington, particularly in communities within Pierce County, Kitsap County, Thurston County and King County.
A variety of experience gives us a broad base of understanding within the construction industry. We offer extensive knowledge of commercial, public works, industrial, religious and health-care facilities, reflecting thoughtful, well received, cost effective solutions. Whether new construction or renovation, the measure of our success lies within the satisfaction of our clients.
The team we present today has a proven track record of results with few problems; we consistently commit the time, staff, and energy required to meet specific project demands, and to do the job well. Our principals and staff are dedicated, experienced and sincere... "Our primary goal is excellence, .... in design, in performance and in our relationship to our clients."
Snodgrass Freeman Associates, Architects
7195 Wagner Way, Suite 201
Gig Harbor, WA 98335